Chiropractor in Madrid

Chiropractor in Madrid. Víctor Aguilera has 40 years of professional experience. Nearest tube stations: Goya, Príncipe de Vergara, Lista)

Chiropractic releives your pain

As your may already know, Chiropractic focuses on correcting inappropriate displacements, rotations and inclinations of the vertebrae.

When the back regains its natural position, the spine nervous current can be distributed again without obstacles and the body can respond with more effectiveness and agility to various health problems.

40 years of Professional Experience

Víctor Aguilera has 40 years of professional experience. He received his doctorate in Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport (Iowa, USA) in 1977.

He also obtained the title of Expert in Chiropractic Radiography at the same University.

Personalization, Privacy, Puntuality

During the consultation will be attended on time, individually and privately. Its our professional compromise.

You will enjoy a completely personalized consultation: each patient is attended for as long as he/she needs to get a correct understanding of the causes of his symptoms and his health problems.


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